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Jinhee Wilde

Jinhee Wilde

Jinhee Wilde is the founder of WA Law Group, a Maryland based boutique law firm specializing in immigration law.  Prior to entering private practice over two decades ago, Jinhee established herself as a prosecutor for Chicago, an Inspector General designee, a special counsel and an attorney advisor for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Ms. Wilde approaches her work from a unique perspective, always keeping a close eye on the politics of immigration. This keen sense of the world around her has resulted in client satisfaction ratings nearing 100%.

Understanding the ease with which immigration law can become an “assembly line”, Jinhee Wilde spends a great deal of time making certain that she and her associates “keep it personal”.  This means always surpassing minimum form requirements and anticipating government feedback.  Through this attention to detail, Ms. Wilde and her team receive very few Requests for Additional Evidence.

Jinhee established her firm as Wilde and Associates in 2009.  Consistent growth called for a name change in 2018, when she renamed the firm WA Law Group.  WA’s team of attorneys bring 30 years of combined experience, and the ability to provide a full suite of immigration legal services.  The goal is always to help domestic employers maintain a healthy workforce.

Accuracy is mandatory at WA, and Jinhee and her team take care to put customer care above all else.  This means prompt response to emails, calls and inquiries.  Jinhee Wilde sets the standard, taking full responsibility for the success of each and every client.  Because of this deep sense of commitment, WA has forged long-term working relationships with many of their clients

Jinhee Wilde is a fierce competitor with a deep well of empathy.  Because of this, and more, she has been repeatedly been noted asone of the top immigration attorneys in the United States.

Jinhee Wilde is the originator of WA Law Group. To know more click on "About" button